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On the outskirts of Dordrecht is located on a beautiful marina that is fully equipped. In this marina there are 2 La Mare House boats that are rented while stationary. A unique accommodation in a unique location, a stone’s throw from Dordrecht and on the edge of the Biesbosch.

Cultuur + natuur

A beautiful city with many options for everyone. Many diverse museums, various events and festivals, a nice shopping street and adjacent to National Park de Biesbosch, where you can go by boat. Be surprised and enjoy a weekend at Dordt. 

Onze vloot:

We are happy to give you a look at our fleet of house boats. The fleet consists of 2 spacious, luxuriously finished, La Mare House boats, which are rented while stationary. Combine your visit to Dordrecht with a special overnight stay.

De Vloot:
In Dordrecht liggen maar liefst 2 houseboten op u te wachten.

Houseboat Dordrecht II is a luxury houseboat for 2 + 1 persons. The Dordrecht IV is the flagship of the fleet and has 2 double bedrooms.

Houseboat Dordrecht II
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Houseboat Dordrecht IV
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